Hair brush straighteners are relatively new to the market. You may have heard of them referenced as a flat iron brush, iron hair brush, hair straightener comb, and heated hair brush. They offer the straightening power of flat iron while straightening in a much quicker and more accessible way. Why bother with waiting to heat up your flat iron when you can have all of the power in a heated hair brush?

All of the inconvenience of a flat iron straightener is now something that women no longer have to worry about. The accidental burns, the overheating of your hair and not to mention how inconvenient it is ironing section by section. More and more people are moving towards straightening brushes rather than other traditional methods. When we went looking for a hair brush that straightens hair, we had a horrible time trying to find one that was good quality. Can you really trust quick 1 or 2 sentence reviews on a product?

Straightening brush reviews have developed a in depth review procedure and hope to make your purchase much easier.

Straightening Brush Reviews for 2017

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Temp Setting
Adjustable 330℉-430℉
Adjustable 375℉-445℉
Adjustable 230℉-450℉
Adjustable 365℉-450℉
Multiple Settings up to 395℉
Scald Protectyes
360° Cordnonoyesnoyes
Our Rating

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Why are they better than flat irons?



They straighten your hair in just minutes. You no longer have to slowly put sections of your hair through a traditional straightener. You can simply brush your hair slowly and get the results you’ve been wanting.

Good for all hair types

A lot of women have problems with extremely curly hair and traditional methods. Do you know how to straighten short curly hair? Other than using this type of product, I have no idea. The brush makes it much easier to straighten extremely curly hair as well as short hair.


We all know, the less heat and stress you put your hair through, the less damage it’s going to do to it. We want to get our hair straight while minimizing the damage. These products are faster and more efficient while also distributing the natural oils of your hair in the midst of straightening.


These are made with ceramic plates, much like traditional straighteners. This is not new technology that is risky and possibly damaging to your hair. These heated hair brushes are simply an update to the old methods. They come with auto shut offs just like your old methods.

Aren’t they more expensive?

On the contrary, due to the minimization of the ceramic plates and heating elements on both sides, these brushes are generally the same price if not cheaper than traditional methods. We’ve found that generally the build quality is right up there with flat irons, it all depends on the brand and manufacturer of the brush. This is also something we take into account in our reviews.

Will they burn my hair?

Just like flat irons, you want to make sure you buy a good quality product. You don’t want some flimsy product that’s made from cheap parts. I know I wouldn’t risk my hair over a few extra dollars! That is why we have curated and gone through tons of products to determine our straightening brush reviews.

Are they good for thick hair?

Straightening brushes are good for all hair types, but where they really shine is on thick hair. Straightening thick hair can be a real pain point for a lot of women as you can only straighten a portion of your hair at a time through flat irons. Imagine a flat iron brush and how easy it would be to simply brush your hair straight. It’s amazing. You’ll never go back.

Are they good for ethnic hair?

Ethnic hair is notorious for being difficult to manage due to its sometimes coarse and curliness. Brush straighteners are the absolute best for hair that is hard to manage. As everyone knows using flat irons is taxing on your hair and for ethnic hair this is no different. Generally this type of hair takes the most beating from flat irons just due to sheer time it takes to straighten. Using a straightening brush, you’ll see results much faster than you normally would without the excessive amount of passes you normally make on your hair.