Hair Heat Protectant

Benefits of using hair heat protectant

To have beautiful natural hair is considered to be a God’s blessing and not everyone is in possession of the same. But, it doesn’t assert the fact that we can’t go an extra mile to make our hair look beautifully unless we stop doing the worse things to our hair and dying and using heat on the hair are those two things that make all your efforts go wasted.

Straightening and curling of the hair have become a fashion statement and there are women who just can’t think of hitting any place without doing their hair. This continuous practice of using heat on your hair damages it the worst possible way.

But, you lately have realized the damaged you have done to your hair and thinking of fixing the damages caused by using the heat on your hair, then hair heat protection is something that you need. Now, you many wonder what exactly it is. We are making you get acquainted with the term “hair heat protectant” along with its benefits.

What is hair heat protectant?

A heat hair protectant is a solution of a few things that makes your hair regains all the moisture it has lost by using heat. It forms a protective barrier on your hair and it prevents the loss of the moisture from the hair, even at times when you are applying the heat. The formulae generally consist of the two silicones, dimethicone and cyclomethicones. The former coats the hair and the latter moisturizes your hair. There are many hair products that use these do silicones, precisely the dimethicones that make your hair smooth and shiny.

Benefits of hair heat protectant

  • Hair heat protectant helps the hair regains the moisture as no matter how much you are taking care of your hair, it always craves for moisture, When you apply the protectant before using the heat, it will leave your hair conditioned instead the fact that you are applying the heat.
  • It also prevents the hair lose the moisture by adding a protective layer on the surface of your hair. It dehydrates the hair that sustains throughout the day in all sort of environment.
  • It makes your hair easily manageable by oiling it which means your hair will be less tangled.

Some natural hair heat protectant

Though you can easily get many of the commercial products that can heal your hair, but going natural is also a good call at times. Please refer to some of the natural products that help your hair restore its actual assets.

  • Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is an amazing hair heat protectant as it prevents the excessive heat getting in contact of your hair along with creating a protective barrier that reduced the contact of your styling tool to affect your hair.

  • Coconut Oil

It is a well-acknowledged fact that coconut oil is the best ingredient you can use to keep your hair healthy. It has keen properties that reach directly to your scalp and moisturizes it from there.

These are just two natural products and you can use much more like Avocado oil, Olive oil, and Sunflower oil.


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