Hair Straightening

All that you need to know about Hair Straightening

Every woman wants the perfect appearance and hair plays one of the pivotal roles in determining the perfect look. Hair Straightening is hair styling technique that involves flattening and smoothing the hair with cast iron plates, hair iron or several other types of equipment. It gives the hair a smooth, glossy and straight look which is something that a lot of girls want.


There can be many types of hair straightening depending on the technique involved in it. But the two major types of hair straightening methods are:

Temporary Hair Straightening

This type involves simply straightening the hair with a straightening brush or a hair iron for a few hours or maybe even a day or two depending on the amount of water contact the hair comes with. This type of straightening is mainly done for temporary purposes and the hair comes back to its normal state after application of water.

Permanent Hair Straightening

This type of straightening involves the application of chemicals and products to fix the follicles so as to give a permanent straightening effect to the hair. The effect from this type of straightening lasts for a longer period of time, depending on how the person maintains their hair.

Precautions to be taken

While the temporary straightening that can be done sitting at home might not be of that concern, permanent straightening needs some precautionary steps that need to be kept in mind.

Beware of the chemicals:

Permanent straightening process is bound to involve some kind of chemical in it that can end up being a bad influence on the hair. It is always suggested to consult a good and renowned hair stylist before taking the decision about the same. It is always best to be aware of the consequences and then takes a step forward.

The tools should be checked

After making sure about all the procedure and seeking out to the best stylist in town, it is always advised to check the tools that the stylist is using. Make sure that the tools are not old, because they are sure to pull your hair out of your roots. Another important thing to keep in mind is aftercare. Make sure to have a complete knowledge of how to maintain the hair after the straightening process is over with.

Talk it all with your stylist

It is best to have an open conversation with your stylist about your previous “hair expeditions” before you opt for permanent straightening. Even a small fragment of information about your hair styling history is very necessary to be clear with to avoid any disaster.

Give up other options

Before to straightening your hair, you might have thought and loved the idea of it but after actually getting it done, you’ll realize how much of a disadvantage that is. People who have done permanent straightening tend to complain they cannot do any other hairstyles other than leaving their hair open. So, make sure to tally the pros and cons before taking a step in this direction.


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