Tips to avoid have split ends

Tips to avoid have split ends in the hair

Split ends are every girl’s nightmare. While you may not know when it started happening, there are several reasons for it and even more ways to minimize them. You may think that it is best just to chop your hair off when you witness an onset of the split ends, but there are ways to avoid it from happening simply.

Why does it occur?

There may be several reasons as to why it happens, and it may vary depending on the type of the hair the person has. But, some of the most visible reasons are:

  • Split ends are prone to happen more in longer hair. This is because longer hair means growing it out for a longer period which results in drying off at the ends resulting in split ends.
  • The hair cuticle, after the regular combing, washing and application of shampoos may result to wear off which is yet another reason of split ends.
  • When the outer sheath of the hair wears off, the inner layer of the hair becomes dehydrated and weakened.

How to avoid split ends?

Now that we have talked about what are the possible reasons for the split ends let us talk about how to avoid them.

Here are some of the tips to avoid split ends from happening:

  • Trim your hair:

Due to the regular combing and threading, it is inevitable that your hair will have split ends. But you can lessen the split ends with a regular trim. The trim can be done in between 12 to 18 weeks and can be extended or lessened depending on the amount of split ends that occur. Another important thing to keep in mind is to use scissors with the sharp end because the blunt scissor will end up making your hair’s end frizzy and uneven.

  • Oiling:

Another important thing to keep in mind is to oil your hair every time before you apply shampoo. When the hair is wet, the hair swells and is in a very weak state. Vigorous rubbing will end up damaging your hair. The oil makes a protective sheath around the hair strands and helps in reducing the damage and also provides nourishment and moisture. This is exceptionally important to those using a straightening brush.

  • Be gentle with your hair:

After coming out of a shower when the hair is wet, it is best to dab the hair with the towel and not rub it vigorously. Wet hair is the weakest, and therefore vigorous rubbing creates tangles which later is impossible to deal with.

  • Wide tooth comb:

The wide tooth comb is the best for untangling your hair. It creates less friction, and the hair receives less pull. Never tug the comb down your hair in one swift motion rather simply work gently on the knots in the hair.

  • Moisturize:

Use hair products that will provide nutrition and will moisturize your hair. Split ends are more prone to happen in hair which is dry and rough. Cream based products smoothen the hair and make it soft and smooth which is a great way to avoid split ends.


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