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Tips to avoid have split ends

Tips to avoid have split ends in the hair

Split ends are every girl’s nightmare. While you may not know when it started happening, there are several reasons for it and even more ways to minimize them. You may think that it is best just to chop your hair off when you witness an onset of the split ends, but there are ways to avoid it from happening simply.

Why does it occur?

There may be several reasons as to why it happens, and it may vary depending on the type of the hair the person has. But, some of the most visible reasons are:

  • Split ends are prone to happen more in longer hair. This is because longer hair means growing it out for a longer period which results in drying off at the ends resulting in split ends.
  • The hair cuticle, after the regular combing, washing and application of shampoos may result to wear off which is yet another reason of split ends.
  • When the outer sheath of the hair wears off, the inner layer of the hair becomes dehydrated and weakened.

How to avoid split ends?

Now that we have talked about what are the possible reasons for the split ends let us talk about how to avoid them.

Here are some of the tips to avoid split ends from happening:

  • Trim your hair:

Due to the regular combing and threading, it is inevitable that your hair will have split ends. But you can lessen the split ends with a regular trim. The trim can be done in between 12 to 18 weeks and can be extended or lessened depending on the amount of split ends that occur. Another important thing to keep in mind is to use scissors with the sharp end because the blunt scissor will end up making your hair’s end frizzy and uneven.

  • Oiling:

Another important thing to keep in mind is to oil your hair every time before you apply shampoo. When the hair is wet, the hair swells and is in a very weak state. Vigorous rubbing will end up damaging your hair. The oil makes a protective sheath around the hair strands and helps in reducing the damage and also provides nourishment and moisture. This is exceptionally important to those using a straightening brush.

  • Be gentle with your hair:

After coming out of a shower when the hair is wet, it is best to dab the hair with the towel and not rub it vigorously. Wet hair is the weakest, and therefore vigorous rubbing creates tangles which later is impossible to deal with.

  • Wide tooth comb:

The wide tooth comb is the best for untangling your hair. It creates less friction, and the hair receives less pull. Never tug the comb down your hair in one swift motion rather simply work gently on the knots in the hair.

  • Moisturize:

Use hair products that will provide nutrition and will moisturize your hair. Split ends are more prone to happen in hair which is dry and rough. Cream based products smoothen the hair and make it soft and smooth which is a great way to avoid split ends.


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Choosing the right Straightening Brush

Tips on choosing the right hair straightening brushes

Being a girl is obviously not an easy thing to deal with as there are so many things you need to take care of look forever pretty, and the hair is the most important asset of a girl’s beauty.

There are so many products in the market that have been marked essential by every girl and the recent product to make in the list of the essential hair product and that is a hair straightening brush. If you recently have discovered the features of the hair straightening brush and is all set to enter the revolution, make sure that you are not mistaken in making your first ever choice as it may make you hate the product forever.

To help you out choosing the right hair straightening product, we are sharing the essential things and features that should be kept in mind before you end up on buying a product.


  • Bristles


Bristles in perhaps the most important part of the hair brush, be it of any type. If you buy the wrong one, then it may break your hair every time you are brushing them. Also, there are brushes which have fewer amount bristles and they may not make your hair fall but will lose itself instead. So, you need to choose the hair straightening brush with the good quality bristles. In addition to this, you should also mark your sensitive areas as many are there who are allergic to nylon bristles, and then they can make their choice of some other material made bristles.


  • Plates


Plates are another very important aspect to look after when you are considering buying hair straightening brush. The plates are that part of the brush that get heated and comes in the direct contact of your hair when you are using it and this in itself an important reason that you choose your brush with high-quality plates.


  • Handle


Yes, handle is also an important factor to consider. Those who are acquainted with using hair styling product know how important it is to have a comfortable handle to hold while you are performing the entire activity. If you haven’t had paid much attention on the handle while buying the product and in anyway end up buying the brush with the wrong handle, then nothing worse can hit you. You will get tired soon and it will take a long time to do your hair. So, make sure to buy the brush with an easy using handle.


  • Shape


The shape of the brush matters as well and you should buy the brush depending on the length of your hair. It is considered that the roller-shaped brushes are a good choice for the longer hair and flat brushes are ideally better for the short and medium length hair.

These are the major points that each of you considering to buy a hair straightening brush should keep in mind. Once you have made yourself certain with these factors, you may proceed further and enjoy having styled hair every day.

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Powerful Tips on fixing damaged hair

Powerful Tips on fixing damaged hair

Hair is that vulnerable part of an individual body that can easily get affected and damaged, and once it has been damaged by any means, fixing it can be very difficult. Although there are many products that are available in the market, many types of researches state that none of them actually works and if they do, that is for temporary and they soon wash out.

If you, like many others, are suffering from the damaged hair, the first thing you need to do is to ensure the reason as there can be many like the pollution, allergies, and others. After you do this, don’t rush yourself into buying a product that is promising to fix your damaged here rather do a bit research on the do’s and the don’ts that can help you not to do the things that will affect your hair further.

The understanding of these essential activities to some extent can help you a lot and this comes much before your decision of choosing a product. To make you get aware of the essential factor you should know that could prevent you from damaging any further, we are discussing a few guidelines that you must follow.


  • Trim your hair right away


In case your hair is damaged and has split ends, trim your hair right away as it will prevent your hair from getting damaged any further. But, it is not something that you can do yourself and you should consider a professional for the task. To ensure that all of your split hair has been cut out, get your hair wet before you trim it.


  • Don’t use heat on your hair


Heat is that thing which affects and damages your hair the worst way. If your hair is damaged and you are using heat for whatever purpose, it will just take you to the worse condition that may go beyond repairing.


  • Avoid using hair dye


Hair color is another thing that exploits the moisture of your hair and wash out every good thing that your hair has. Hair bleaches are made using chemicals so that it can be sustained in your hair and this makes the hair losses the best of it.


  • Use chemical free hair products


Today, the most of the hair products available in the market use chemicals and using those products on our hair damage it. If you are still making your ways to avoid the chemical used products, then you can opt for products that area made using the natural products and ingredients and there are many options that you can avail.


  • Apply oil on a frequent basis


Oil is that essential ingredient that helps your hair regain its moisture and helps it to get it fixed. If you apply in on a frequent basis, it certainly will improve your hair fixing its damages from the roots.

These are those effective and powerful tips that can make your hair get all that it has losses and will soon fix it from the roots.

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Hair Heat Protectant

Benefits of using hair heat protectant

To have beautiful natural hair is considered to be a God’s blessing and not everyone is in possession of the same. But, it doesn’t assert the fact that we can’t go an extra mile to make our hair look beautifully unless we stop doing the worse things to our hair and dying and using heat on the hair are those two things that make all your efforts go wasted.

Straightening and curling of the hair have become a fashion statement and there are women who just can’t think of hitting any place without doing their hair. This continuous practice of using heat on your hair damages it the worst possible way.

But, you lately have realized the damaged you have done to your hair and thinking of fixing the damages caused by using the heat on your hair, then hair heat protection is something that you need. Now, you many wonder what exactly it is. We are making you get acquainted with the term “hair heat protectant” along with its benefits.

What is hair heat protectant?

A heat hair protectant is a solution of a few things that makes your hair regains all the moisture it has lost by using heat. It forms a protective barrier on your hair and it prevents the loss of the moisture from the hair, even at times when you are applying the heat. The formulae generally consist of the two silicones, dimethicone and cyclomethicones. The former coats the hair and the latter moisturizes your hair. There are many hair products that use these do silicones, precisely the dimethicones that make your hair smooth and shiny.

Benefits of hair heat protectant

  • Hair heat protectant helps the hair regains the moisture as no matter how much you are taking care of your hair, it always craves for moisture, When you apply the protectant before using the heat, it will leave your hair conditioned instead the fact that you are applying the heat.
  • It also prevents the hair lose the moisture by adding a protective layer on the surface of your hair. It dehydrates the hair that sustains throughout the day in all sort of environment.
  • It makes your hair easily manageable by oiling it which means your hair will be less tangled.

Some natural hair heat protectant

Though you can easily get many of the commercial products that can heal your hair, but going natural is also a good call at times. Please refer to some of the natural products that help your hair restore its actual assets.

  • Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is an amazing hair heat protectant as it prevents the excessive heat getting in contact of your hair along with creating a protective barrier that reduced the contact of your styling tool to affect your hair.

  • Coconut Oil

It is a well-acknowledged fact that coconut oil is the best ingredient you can use to keep your hair healthy. It has keen properties that reach directly to your scalp and moisturizes it from there.

These are just two natural products and you can use much more like Avocado oil, Olive oil, and Sunflower oil.


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Hair Straightening

All that you need to know about Hair Straightening

Every woman wants the perfect appearance and hair plays one of the pivotal roles in determining the perfect look. Hair Straightening is hair styling technique that involves flattening and smoothing the hair with cast iron plates, hair iron or several other types of equipment. It gives the hair a smooth, glossy and straight look which is something that a lot of girls want.


There can be many types of hair straightening depending on the technique involved in it. But the two major types of hair straightening methods are:

Temporary Hair Straightening

This type involves simply straightening the hair with a straightening brush or a hair iron for a few hours or maybe even a day or two depending on the amount of water contact the hair comes with. This type of straightening is mainly done for temporary purposes and the hair comes back to its normal state after application of water.

Permanent Hair Straightening

This type of straightening involves the application of chemicals and products to fix the follicles so as to give a permanent straightening effect to the hair. The effect from this type of straightening lasts for a longer period of time, depending on how the person maintains their hair.

Precautions to be taken

While the temporary straightening that can be done sitting at home might not be of that concern, permanent straightening needs some precautionary steps that need to be kept in mind.

Beware of the chemicals:

Permanent straightening process is bound to involve some kind of chemical in it that can end up being a bad influence on the hair. It is always suggested to consult a good and renowned hair stylist before taking the decision about the same. It is always best to be aware of the consequences and then takes a step forward.

The tools should be checked

After making sure about all the procedure and seeking out to the best stylist in town, it is always advised to check the tools that the stylist is using. Make sure that the tools are not old, because they are sure to pull your hair out of your roots. Another important thing to keep in mind is aftercare. Make sure to have a complete knowledge of how to maintain the hair after the straightening process is over with.

Talk it all with your stylist

It is best to have an open conversation with your stylist about your previous “hair expeditions” before you opt for permanent straightening. Even a small fragment of information about your hair styling history is very necessary to be clear with to avoid any disaster.

Give up other options

Before to straightening your hair, you might have thought and loved the idea of it but after actually getting it done, you’ll realize how much of a disadvantage that is. People who have done permanent straightening tend to complain they cannot do any other hairstyles other than leaving their hair open. So, make sure to tally the pros and cons before taking a step in this direction.


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Hair Health Tips and Tricks

A few tricks and tips to keep your hair healthy

Many people are born with great quality hair and many are not. But it literally is about the time and the care that they take off their hair that determines how good it stays for the long haul. It is always best to use the best organic products and eat healthy to keep your hair healthy. In this article, we’ll chalk out some methods and substances that will help you keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Some of the important points:

There are several ways, natural and synthetic to keep your hair healthy. Let us take a look at some of the most important ones.


  • How often should the hair be washed?


How often should a person shampoo their hair is one of the most important questions when it comes to talking about healthy hair. Recent studies have revealed that it is best to avoid washing your hair regularly because that tends to wash away all the natural essential oils that the hair follicles generate. It is advised to shampoo your hair every other day or maybe 2-3 times a day.


  • Type of hair:


It is always essential to use products and maintaining your hair depending on the type of hair that you have. People with curly hair can afford longer washing hours because the oil secretion rate is comparatively slower than that of people with straight hair. Apart from that, the lifestyle habits play a very important role in the maintenance of the perfect hair. The food habits of a person are set to be reflected in their health and their outer appearance, the hair playing one of the major roles in it.


  • Choose the right shampoo:


It is always advised to go for the shampoos and conditioners that suit your hair type because if not, they mind the end of making your hair worse and frizzy. Always massage the shampoo into the scalp and not the roots because it is hard to rinse off the shampoo from the roots and any remnant shampoo in the hair mind end up causing irritation. It is always best to gently massage your scalp while lathering your hair with shampoo because it tends to increase the circulation which in turn results in better quality hair and increased hair growth.


  • Brush your hair:


It is best to brush your hair at least twice a day from the tip to the bottom and that several times. It tends to regulate the blood circulation of the brain which helps in better nutrition to the hair follicles and thus better and healthy hair. Try and avoid brushing your hair when the hair is wet.


  • Use natural products:


Apart from the synthetic products, homemade remedies play a pivotal role too. Ingredients like Onion and Lemon tend to play wonders for frizzy and dull hair. Application of eggs and yoghurt helps in making the hair smooth and shiny and also provides volume to the hair. There are various kinds of other home-made tricks that can help in providing you with the best hair.


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